At this pivotal time in our industry, it’s never been more important to have a professional, qualified intimacy coordinator on set. Working closely with cast and crew both above and below the line, Randi navigates your set to make sure that the environment is safe and emotionally supportive for everyone involved in your production.

From negotiating nude scenes, simulated sex, acts of kink or kissing and bodily touching, SAG-AFTRA has recognized the importance of having professional, qualified intimacy coordinating on set and in the room. Randi will work to keep everyone protected physically, emotionally and financially, so that your vision can be realized with speed, efficiency and professionalism.


In 2019, nothing can sink a film or television show faster than an inaccurate portrayal of sexuality or the sexual habits from diverse communities. Randi’s expertise from working closely with all range of clients over a decade in the field make her the industry’s leading voice on accurately portraying heterosexual sex, sexual relationships, LGBTQ+ issues, intimacy concerns, sexuality, kink, swinging, ethical non-monogamy, BDSM scenes and the psychology of all involved.

  • On set, when directors and actors need detailed instruction to navigate a scene with respect for the script, and the people being portrayed.

  • By phone, during pre-production and post-production to answer any questions that can arise.

  • Via Skype, for remote shoots and on location productions who encounter the complexities of getting a portrayal correct..


Actors – before reaching set, Randi works with actors to determine their boundaries, help amplify their voices and ensure that their needs are met when they reach the day of the shoot and beyond. She is the qualified expert they need to help them navigate their concerns.

Producer, Director – working to create an environment and dialogue with cast and crew that allows them to reach the maximum level of comfort, and allows you to feel secure professionally and financially as you pursue your creative vision.