Randi has been in private practice as a Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Clinical Sexologist for over a decade. Through trainings under Esther Perel, Dr. Patti Britton, Terry Real and Doug Braun-Harvey she has learned from the best in the Sex and Relationship Therapy field and brought that knowledge through a massive range of clients with every kind of sexual intimacy challenge and relationship concern.

Growing up in and around the entertainment industry with one brother in TV and another in film, she has seen up close what works and what doesn’t. She has a deep love for TV and film, for the power of the entertainment industry to create art to move us and entertain us, and is thrilled that the world of Hollywood is fully embracing what it means to be proactive in creating the right kinds of spaces.

Randi is a big believer that, when done right, open and frank sexual communication doesn’t just make for a better scene and a better production, it also makes for a better product. Producers can feel at ease when they’ve done their due diligence to protect their employees, cast can feel at ease to give their best performances, and directors can relax knowing their vision won’t be compromised.

Plus she’s fun to have on set and won’t cause trouble at the craft services table.